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Foshan Fuhong Garment Accessories Co. , Ltd. was established in 2004, is a set design, development, production, logistics, online, offline sales of integrated entity. So far has more than 10 years of design, development, production of various types of clothing lace, ribbon accessories experience, can accurately grasp the trend, follow the trend of pulse. For more than 10 years we have been adhering to the "Professional, dedicated, dedicated"spirit of enterprise, do business, do products. CULTIVATE: "Sincere life, down-to-earth work"staff culture, retain a large number of well-trained, as the factory employees. They are a corporate asset more important than equipment and orders.Our products are: one, lace, embroidery lace, water-soluble lace, cotton lace, all kinds of water-soluble, embroidery lace, collar, multi-color embroidery, beaded embroidery, rope embroidery and other special embroidery. The most fine yarn can be 100S, the widest can be 24CM (commonly used for Vamp) , you can see the picture quote, starting, Board fast.Two, row must tassel, from the classification of materials must tassel cotton, metal chain row must, polyester line row must tassel, silk row Tassel, twine row Tassel, gold row Tassel Tassel, and so onThree, hand nail bead, Hand Hook Flower, hand flower, in Foshan we have a professional design sample team, from the plate division, can do the first time quote, look at the picture proofing, the fastest speed sample. Nanning, Guangxi, we have a large production base of Pearl, Chaozhou, we have a large production base of hand hooks, there are special orders. To start the board, quotation fast, do quality assurance, delivery on time! Four, ribbon, no comb with: All kinds of plain belt, rib belt, herringbone belt, all kinds of cotton ribbon, (its: Some commonly used specifications, yarn sticks, such as 7-10 mm, 21S-80S cotton yarn, Color White, bleach, black are available in stock) , mother tape, jumping point belt, elastic belt, non-slip elastic belt, Jacquard belt, Jacquard word elastic belt, cross-grain belt (hat belt) , binaural belt, all kinds of round ropeFoshan Fuhong Garment Accessories Co. , Ltd. is a high-end accessories explorer, designers, producers, practitioners, not only high-end products, more importantly the concept of products, products and services are in the industry's precedent. Customers can be the best price and the best price to buy almost all of the clothing accessories
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